Mac 1 Kief


Kief is fine sift that’s really potent and delivers a nice hit but won’t knock you off your feet. It is also beneficial for its medicinal effectiveness. The effects of the resin are natural and clean as it is a naturally extracted cannabis concentrate. It doesn’t take long for the effects to set in, the heavy physical experience is accompanied by a soothing and uplifting cerebral state of mind. Kief is also great for treating pain and inflammation. It is also suitable for depression, anxiety and PTSD, and has been known to be effective in insomnia. Blonde Kief also has certain appetite boosting properties which makes it a favorite amongst frequent users.

Expect to get heavy hitting smoke along with an enticing nose. The concentrate is also great for making hash.

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Mac 1 Kief – 3.5g

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Mac 1 Kief – 7g

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